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Integrated Therapies


HOW is a face-to-face hypnotherapy program. You can also pursue weight-loss hypnotherapy independently using my CD recordings.

HOW is an 8-session program designed to assist people with the psychological and motivational aspects of weight reduction.

HOW uses hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis to reinforce motivation and commitment.

HOW stresses behavioral and life-style change to make goals attainable.

HOW addresses the cognitive and behavioral components of overeating and obesity.

HOW is based on clinical research and practice using hypnotherapy for weight control.

HOW is a solutions-oriented, psychotherapeutic, and educational approach to weight management.

***Other problems that may be associated with overeating and obesity, such as depression, anxiety, family dynamics, self-esteem , grief and loss, post-traumatic stress, and food addiction should be addressed outside of this eight-session program in additional therapy sessions.




Session 1 – Intake Interview, introduction to the HOW Program

Session 2 – Understanding Compulsive Eating

Session 3 – Training in Self-Hypnosis

Session 4 – Stopping Emotional Eating with Stress Management

Session 5 - Making Sensible Food Choices

Session 6 – Creating an Intelligent Relationship with Food

Session 7 – Boosting Motivation to Exercise

Session 8 – Putting It All Together for Lasting Results



HOW sessions are $60.00 each, payable at each session. If paid in advance, the cost is a non-refundable fee of $420, a $60 discount (or 1 free session!)  Missed sessions, if not cancelled, are still charged $60.00.


Weight is a combination of genetics, diet, exercise, health, and metabolism. No two people are identical, so a weight reduction program must be tailored to each person’s needs. HOW is adapted to your individual needs. You work individually, in a confidential setting, with a trained therapist with years of experience using hypnosis for weight reduction. You must have permission from your doctor to begin the HOW program for your own safety and to provide me with any information your doctor feels is important to know about your health and weight reduction needs. A signed release form is required if you want me to talk with your doctor.


Don’t look for any deep psychological reasons. Don’t blame it on genetics. If you are physically healthy, hormonally stable, not afflicted with glandular problems, and not on prescription medication or have medical conditions that induce weight gain, you can lose weight. If you have questions about any of these, please consult your family doctor.

Mental problems such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and post-traumatic stress may affect weight and you should get help for these. They do not prevent you from reducing weight, but I may recommend that you consider psychotherapy prior to beginning the HOW Program.

The causes of overweight are mainly FOOD and LACK OF EXERCISE.



No. 1 – It’s a Choice…

… to look better, feel better, be healthier, live longer, feel more attractive, slow down the aging process, and have more energy. Your willingness to put in the time and effort will pay off and provide rewards beyond your imagining. First, you must make the choice. 

No. 2 – It’s a Commitment…

…to change your behaviors, life style, habits, and thinking. Change is as comfortable as you want it to be. Commitment is the glue that helps you stick to your goal with the same enthusiasm you had when you first made it.  

No. 3 – There’s NO Magic Fix…

… otherwise, we’d be practicing magic! Like every other person who traveled the rocky road of losing and regaining weight, there is no quick, easy, surefire way to lose weight –at least not one that is safe and healthy. The only way to reduce weight and keep it off is through proper nutrition and adequate exercise.

No. 4 – Overweight is not an event, it’s a process…

…that involves time, conditioning, learned behaviors, choices, and excuses. You are overweight because you made yourself overweight, plain and simple. By the same power, you can reduce your weight.

No. 5 – You need your body to live…

…therefore being healthy is important. Preventing diseases caused by overweight is a responsibility. Being able to move freely in your body is a pleasure. Your body was made to exercise. Health is a matter of conscious healthy choices and commitment. You are in control of your weight.

No. 6 – Know what you want and you can get it…

…so start to think about what you want, plan what you want, visualize what you want, verbalize what you want, affirm out loud what you want, and make it happen. Thoughts are the building blocks of experience. Thoughts empower you to reach your goal. You ARE what you THINK!


Hypnotherapy is a state of deep relaxation in which the subconscious mind accepts suggestions that guide you to change behaviors while enhancing your motivation and commitment to reach your weight goal with enthusiasm. HOW provides audio recordings (CD’s) of the hypnosis sessions so that you can continue to reinforce the suggestions at home and stay on track.  You will also learn how to hypnotize yourself and practice self-hypnosis for further reinforcement, increased confidence, motivation, relaxation, and simply for enjoyment.

What Other Benefits Does HOW Provide?

*Removes doubts    *Improves self-image      *Enhances motivation

*Builds energy    *        Influences positive change  *Induces relaxation

*Promotes self-confidence   *Reinforces efforts       *Raises self-esteem

*Supports healthy habits      *Makes exercise fun


  • Imagine that you could find an eating plan that works, really works, for you. 
  • Imagine that you could achieve your desired weight, like the way you look, feel better, have more energy, and be healthier. 
  • Imagine that you could avoid life-threatening diseases, self-consciousness, embarrassment, restricted movement, clumsiness, and social discomfort. 
  • You can stop imagining. You can do it now!

Here’s HOW:

Attend all 8 sessions.

Do all homework assignments.

Listen to your audio recordings.

Follow your healthy eating and exercise plan.

Have a positive attitude.

Don’t give up.

Are you ready to embark on a new life plan?


Are you ready to change your body, your outlook, your energy,

and your health?


Do you believe that there is no substitute for good health?


Do you know there is no drug/pill/drink/voodoo/magic that will make you both thin and healthy?


Are you convinced that nothing tastes as good as thin feels?


Are you ready to try something new that makes sense

and meets your needs?


If you answered YES, then take the next step to begin investing in yourself, your health,  your happiness, and your well-being. You WILL reach your optimal weight goal





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