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Client Comments

pleasure by Bandit4edu"Dr. Murray helped me overcome my addiction to soft drinks. I stopped drinking over three liters a day and lost weight. And I thought I couldn’t be hypnotized!"

"I didn’t believe in hypnosis. My fear of public speaking was so bad my knees would knock together and I’d lose my voice. After hypnosis, I’m still a little nervous but I can do it!"

"I tried three times to pass the realtor’s licensing exam and finally decided to try hypnosis. After one session with Jeannette, I passed the exam and am now working as a realtor."

"Cigarettes were my best friend and they were killing me. My doctor suggested hypnosis and I tried it, but didn’t think it would work. I’ve been smoke-free for four years now and feeling great. Thanks, Dr. J!"

"If you don’t believe it, try it. It won’t hurt. I couldn’t stand the thought of getting my blood drawn. I got sick and needed a lot of blood tests. Hypnosis made it possible for me to go through the tests. My problem was diagnosed and now I’m on the road to health."

"I got so nervous taking the Praxis (teacher’s exam) I couldn’t pass it. I never thought hypnosis could help me relax but it did and I passed the test. Now, I wish Dr. Murray could hypnotize my third grade students to behave!"